General questions

The movement of the hand during the process of writing creates traits (a unique mark) as per our brain vibration. These traits form a pattern which can be evaluated by a qualified graphologist.

Even though you find that you write differently every time, the traits in your handwriting does not change. In simpler terms you are just changing your clothes or bringing some modification to your nature, but people identity you without any difficulty. There are reasons why a person has different handwriting all the time. This can be explained to you once we see the sample.

In the world of technology we are moving away from writing notes. It is a proven fact that writing sharpens our mind. It brings more clarity. If you are in a profession which doesn’t require much writing, you can enrol for our follow-up sessions once in 3 months.

The most important part of our mentoring session is to make you understand why you adopted certain traits.  Corrective formats are based on your natural ability. 

Write about yourself in an A4 size paper. Write in a comfortable position . If you have more to write use a second page. Once you complete writing affix your signature in the page . Write what comes to your mind and don’t copy from anywhere.
One you complete writing, scan the sample and mail us to jb@linesandcurves.org. We will intimate you the report delivery date. Once you receive the report, you can make the payment.

Which ever way a person writes, the trait in their handwriting does not change at all. It’s like telling what ever physical change you bring to your health, or what every type of change that you can bring by changing your dress code- your identity does not change. In graphology we say “the trait in the handwriting does not change even if if you write with your left hand, right hand or if you can write with any part of the body because your trait represents your brain vibrations”. Even if you are a person writing for the first time, it leaves certain traits in the script (identity which is unique in you) and that can be observed and evaluated to know who you are.

If you observe closely you will find that you can never endorse your signature identically. No signature that you endorsed are identical in nature- There are graphological reasons which can be explained to you. In certain cases it is observed that a person use two format of signature. Even thought the patterns are different the story that both the signature tell will be identical.

You cannot force sustain any change. You need to practice is for a period of time which will be advised in your evaluation report.

Your handwriting will be personally evaluated or audited by Jashank Babu. See the session “from the desk of the founder”