About Graphology
Your Handwriting is the natural description of your true nature

In the race of being competitive, we have forgotten the art of self observation. From childhood we have been told to be the best at what we do and what we do have lot of influence on what others want us to do. Skills are unlimited in nature and it supports a lot of activities that we do in our daily life. We adopt certain skills faster and some we don’t. Also we being ignorant of our own skills, lack the interest in developing the same.

For centuries scientists are researching on the pattern of handwriting to understand the personality and behavioural pattern of individuals . There are classical case studies and examples which proves this. Your handwriting reveals your personality and behavioural pattern most accurately- The only factor that you need to consider is to identify an able and experienced Graphologist – handwriting analyst.

Our Expertise

Knowing what you are is the beginning of change.

Knowing Your Personality


It is said that “Knowing what you are is the beginning of change” . Once you understand your personality, its the matter of working on them in your favour. Understand your handwriting and you can identify what exactly you are – the natural skills and personality that you have and whether they are in line with what you do in your day to day life.

How we know Personalities?


The common questions about graphology are – “I don’t write much”, “my handwriting changes all the time,” “I have multiple signatures. How will you know my personality”. Which ever way a person writes, the trait in their handwriting does not change at all.

Identity Doesn't Change


Whatever physical change you bring to your body your identity does not change. Similarly, in graphology, the trait in the handwriting does not change even if you write with your left or right hand because it represents your brain vibrations.

Unique Identity


Even if you are a person writing for the first time, it leaves certain traits in the script (identity which is unique in you) and that can be observed and evaluated to know who you are.

Know your handwriting

An experienced Graphologist can analyse the trait in your handwriting and tell about your natural skills and personality. They can tell how much away are you from your natural abilities and what are the out come of such variations.

We have been consulting professionals, housewives and children to identity their natural personality and behavioural pattern through handwriting for the last 10 years. It has been observed that the stress, agony and fear that we face in our day to day life is mostly because of the deviation form our natural skills. Since our brain gets accustomed to a pattern that we follow we don’t find a way to come out of this conditioning.


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